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Undead pixelcorn.

(yeah yeah yeah I still need to wipe my theme and redo things)

Long overdue update…

Well..  what can I say?  Thanks for following me even after my LONG absence doing shit/nadda/ziltch/nuttin for your dashboard.  Things have changed - things meaning me I guess.

Uhhh… I kinda dropped off the planet and dropped art for while to try and sort a few things out psyche and life wise (art was leading nowhere really and I just didn’t enjoy it anymore and stopped cold for about a year).  In that time I gained some new skills and a new hobby in electronic music production - and I love it!

That said - the sub genre which I produce as a novice (synthwave) has also gotten me back into pixel art a little due to being so inspired after joining Soundcloud - so things will be changing once again on this blog at some point.

Again - thank you so much for liking my art - it means more to me than the world and I have every one of you to thank for that (a hair under 300 of you mostly because of a kodama and friggin giraffe!).  I really want to try and get this blog on track to help me focus more on inspiration, my music, and a little art here and there when it strikes me.  All that will probably mean a new coat of code and CSS and the like so it’ll take some time.

If you must flee - FLEE!!  I will understand.  But if you want to hang around - “Stay a while and listen”!

In closure - here’s a pixel logo I made for myself lol (500%)

And here’s my Soundcloud page if any of you fine people are interested:


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